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    • Pete Richards's avatar
      Save As clears transaction while undirtying (#1471) · e5fe8fd9
      Pete Richards authored
      * mutation listener adds via transaction manager
      Update the TransactingMutationListener to add items to a transaction
      using the transactionManager so that they can be properly removed
      from the transaction at a later date.
      Prevents showing error dialogs during successful save, and also
      prevents persisting duplicate objects.
      Fixes #1468
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  15. 31 Jul, 2018 4 commits
    • Deep Tailor's avatar
      Merge pull request #2137 from nasa/prevent-plot-accidental-remove · 9582fb2b
      Deep Tailor authored
      [Plot] Update formDomainObject on mutate
    • Pete Richards's avatar
      [Plot] pass persisted config in constructor · 3c075b7f
      Pete Richards authored
      When a plot series is constructed, it checks to see if should set a
      default interpolation based on the persisted configuration.  However,
      the persisted configuration wasn't available until after construction
      which resulted in the default value always being set.
      Pass the persisted configuration through the constructor to ensure the
      plot series can make the right decision about defaults.
      Fixes #2120.
    • Deep Tailor's avatar
      Merge pull request #2127 from nasa/plot-requests-2126 · 081edfbd
      Deep Tailor authored
      [Plot] Prevent duplicate query on bounds change
    • Pete Richards's avatar
      [Plot] Update formDomainObject on mutate · 04cc8f7a
      Pete Richards authored
      When a new series is added to a plot, a plot series form controller
      is instantiated and passed in a domain object via scope that it will
      mutate upon changes.  If a mutation results in a composition add, then
      the plot series form controller needs to get a version of the domain
      object with the updated composition array, which it was not previously
      This fixes #2120.
  16. 28 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • charlesh88's avatar
      Change table row layout to use flex · 2da23954
      charlesh88 authored
      Fixes #2132
      - flex styles applied;
      - CSS reorganized for better DRY;
      - Set height on <tr> so that <td>'s won't collapse when
      all cells of a row have empty values. This can occur when columns are
      hidden in a Telemetry Table.
  17. 27 Jul, 2018 1 commit
  18. 26 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • Deep Tailor's avatar
      fixes #2130 · 00ecd27b
      Deep Tailor authored
      fix lingering event listener that was caused by function (setSelection) being stored in two different locations, causing pointer mis match
  19. 25 Jul, 2018 2 commits
  20. 20 Jul, 2018 6 commits
    • Pete Richards's avatar
      [Table] prevent forced reflow on scroll (#2117) · 15a75ac1
      Pete Richards authored
      Prevent forcing a reflow during scroll events, improving scroll
    • Even Stensberg's avatar
      [CI] Update circleCI to v2 (#1942) · cde39949
      Even Stensberg authored
      * initial v2 config
      t # This is a combination of 10 commits.
      fix indent errs
      fix indentations
      run prepare manually
      run prepare manually
      remove indent
      remove indent
      remove indent
      remove indent
      remove indent
      fix npm prepare
      Install gulp
      use gulp locally
      use checkout
      use old job
      use old job
      * add gulp as devdep
      * local npm commands
      * use node8
      * cache bower components
      * use npm to run checkstyle
      * remove circlev1 config
      * store artifacts
      * clean up naming
      fixes #1933
    • Deep Tailor's avatar
      deprecated timeline (#2119) · 1a10c966
      Deep Tailor authored
      * first release of deprecated timeline
      * Better deprecation message and use unknown icon class
      * Update deprecated-timeline-message.html
      Added a period to end of sentence.
      * remove unused files, and commented code - If we need timeline again we can recover from git
      * Provide link to tracker in deprecation message
    • Deep Tailor's avatar
      Add and Remove corresponding classes to capture higher contrast/print friendly... · 9288880e
      Deep Tailor authored
      Add and Remove corresponding classes to capture higher contrast/print friendly png and jpg exports (#2088)
      * add and remove corrensponding class to capture better images (wip)
      * pass class through exportAsPng and exportAsJpg directly
      * pass classname from stacked plots into exportImageService
      * Adding additional export styles
      Fixes #2088
      - WIP
      * WIP export styles
      Fixes #2080
      - Styling WIP;
      - Moved styles into plots-main.scss;
      - Change to how plot hashes are rendered;
      * add class before clone, because adding it on clone was not rendering new css styles
      * Export styles
      Fixes #2080
      - Code indenting cleaned up;
      - Additional styles for export;
      - Added hide effects for .h-local-controls and unsynced state;
      * Apply class to cloned element only
    • Pete Richards's avatar
      [Plot] Update limit variable name (#2124) · d2c5476c
      Pete Richards authored
      Update limit variable name in template so that styles are properly
      applied when hovering over plot.  Fixes #2084.
    • Pete Richards's avatar
      Plot composition re-ordering support (#2120) · 8d21d420
      Pete Richards authored
      * [Plot] Allow 0 in plot y axis bounds
      Allow 0 values in plot y axis bounds.  Also properly re-do validation
      when changing from a bad value to the previously used good value.
      Fixes https://github.com/nasa/openmct/issues/2082
      * [Plot] separate config index from composition index
      Locate the configuration index by checking identifiers instead of
      relying on order of composition to match order of configuration.
      Ensures that editing a plot after reordering composition does not
      edit wrong object.
      Fixes https://github.com/nasa/openmct/issues/2101
      * [Plot] refactor form controllers, separate concerns
      Refactor form controllers to simplify the plot options inspector.
      Individual plot models each have a form controller which handles
      three way binding between the scope, model, and domain object configuration.
      Added support to linkFields for dynamic object paths so that mutations
      always find the right object in the configuration instead of breaking
      when indices change.
      * support deferred init for sub-object selection
      * Style fixes
      * Remove assignment to window
  21. 18 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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